Very Quick Tips: Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster


Complete tip saturation

The Resident Evil series kind of has a hardcore reputation among the gaming crowd, with its emphasis on ammo conservation and tough-as-nails bosses.

Resident Evil Zero is no different in that regard, so here are a few tips to help you along the way.

General tips:

  • It’s good to min-max your approaches with each character. Rebecca is great as a healer, and can also get by with the [eventually upgraded] pistol while carrying key items. Billy on the other hand is more resilient, and having him equipped with a shotgun the entire game isn’t a bad idea. Stacking ammo is also ideal, so you don’t have multiple characters with pistols taking up two slots for both the gun and the ammo stack.
  • Remember to manually switch your party back to follow mode after being forced to split them up. The game doesn’t automatically adjust, and it’s easier to leave your partner behind after finishing one of these sections.
  • Speaking of partner movement, keep in mind that you can use the right analog stick to juke with the non-playable character. This is especially important for the leech monsters that explode after death, as you’ll often need to manually avoid them, lest your NPC partner stand still and take damage.
  • Setting your partner on idle when you need to conserve ammo is something you’ll want to do often. There are some occasions where running is ideal, and you don’t want your AI partner standing still and taking damage when you could just as easily escape down the hall.
  • There’s no need to carry ink ribbons everywhere and have them take up a slot. Stash them in save rooms and just go back for them when you need ’em. Nearly every room in the area past the train is re-accessible.
  • If you lose track of an enemy, try to lean on the aim button in a sort of rocking motion. It triggers the auto-aim function to course correct.
  • To unlock Wesker mode, you’ll need to complete the game once. You can do this on easy. Beating Zeroalso unlocks the classic “Leech Hunter” minigame.