Videos showcase Sonic Forces 'Rental Avatar' system and Chemical Plant stage


Do not steal, but you can borrow

It’s only a few weeks before Sonic Forces launches onto PC and consoles, but it seems there’s still plenty of features and tidbits to be uncovered before then, as showcased in these videos from Gematsu.

The first video shows the game’s “Rental Avatar” system, by which players can switch into other player’s custom-made characters, utilising their individual abilities and “wispons” – the colour-coordinated tools of the Sonic Forces universe – to overcome enemies and access secret areas.

The second video features a bird-based OC running around the game’s newly revealed Chemical Plant zone, using their Drill-based wispon to drive through hordes of enemies.

Sonic Forces has a battle against it. It is launching on multiple formats in the same year as earlier release, Sonic Mania, which was loved by the fanbase, with some going as far as to claim it was the best Sonic the Hedgehog game ever.

We’ll find out whether Sonic Forces can step up to the plate come November 7, when the game launches on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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