Viking action game Jotun goes free on the Epic Games Store


The deal is up until December 12, 2019

In this week’s free PC game from the Epic Games Store, you’ll embark on a journey to enter Valhalla as a scorned Viking warrior who “died an inglorious death.” Thunder Lotus’ mythological action-exploration title Jotun: Valhalla Edition is free to play (and keep!) if you nab it by 7:59am PT on December 12, 2020.

Is it good? Yeah. The main draws are hand-drawn animation and boss fights against Norse elementals who tower above Jotun‘s itty-bitty protagonist, Thora, but the game isn’t all combat all the time. Exploration is a focal point. Aside from poking around to discover runes, you’ll also gain powers from the gods – Odin’s Spear, Freya’s Speed, and a few other blessings – on your path to redemption. Let’s go!

As for how Valhalla Edition compares to the original version, there’s a tough new boss rush mode.

Next week’s free game is one that just won’t quit: The Escapists. Loop back around on Dec. 12.