Visit the Island of Despair for Call of Duty: Black Ops III's new zombie map


If only it were Zack Island instead

I’ve always found Call of Duty‘s Zombies modes confusing, but the new trailer for the latest zombies map, “Zetsubou no Shima” (Island of Despair) confuses me more than usual, since the narrator claims that the Mysterious Pacific Island™ they’re trapped on is home to “a new enemy”. And yet I distinctly remember shooting Japanese World War II zombies on the last Pacific-themed zombies map I played, “Shi no Numa” (Swamp of Death). Maybe I should be paying more attention?

In any case, players can take a trip to the Island of Despair if they pick up the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Eclipse DLC pack, debuting on April 19 on the PS4 and in May for PC and Xbox One. The pack also includes four new regular multiplayer maps, called Verge, Rift, Knockout, and Spire.