Vlambeer is giving away free copies of Nuclear Throne in January


Rami thinks you’re awesome, bets your friends are as well

Rami Ismail of Vlambeer has come up with a creative and generous way to effectively double the Nuclear Throne community while at the same time saying thanks to all those who supported the Early Access title during 2014.

As of January 1, 2015, owners of thedelightful top-down shooterwill receive a free, giftable copy that Ismail hopes you’ll pass along to friends who in turn will provide valuable feedback as the team finishes up work on the title later in the year.

“You’ve become really adept Nuclear Throne players, and we want to call upon you for your help. We need new players, people that are great players, that would love Nuclear Throne, and we need them to be part of our community. We’re sure you know somebody like that, and if you do, we want to ask you to invite them to the Nuclear Throne community. We need fresh eyes on the game, people that will still get decimated by Big Bandit and that will complain about the ravens in the scrapyard. We need to know how they feel about Nuclear Throne, and we need your help to reach them.”

Rami’s just the best, isn’t he? Anyways, the offer’s also good for new purchases made until January, so if you’ve been waiting to try it out for yourself and would enjoy having a second copy to pass along to a friend, this is your golden opportunity.