Voez is doing pretty well on Switch, will get a physical edition


Announced at TGS

Voez, a Switch launch game, is still one of my most-played on the system. It’s a fantastic little rhyhtm game that happens to be pretty damn challenging, showcases a ton of great music, and adds free DLC at a regular cadence.

I’m happy to see that it’s doing well then, as publisher Flyhigh Works announced at TGS this week that worldwide, this little rhyhtm project has hit 40,000 downloads. To celebrate, a physical version will be released, which will offer a controller mode as well as the opportunity to play on a TV.

As a reminder, the digital version ofVoezwas tablet-only, touchscreen only — the first of its kind on Switch.

Voez for Switch sales top 40,000, physical edition with controller support coming to Japan in early 2018 [Gematsu]