Voice actor for Dragon Ball's Goku confirms that he wasn't asked to be in Super Smash Bros.


Is it a ruse to throw people off the scent

No, Goku will probably not be appearing in Super Smash Bros. as a guest character. Before everyone immediately sighs and says “why would he be?!” hear me out.

For months fans and even Funimation have gotten in on the Super Smash Bros. “what if” craze, which became even sillier once Smash boss Sakurai unleashed the whole “Ultimate” thing on everyone; stating that every character in Smash history was in, as well as a number of other guest characters.

Given the appearance of numerous Dragon Ball games appearing on Nintendo systems for decades it seems within the realm of possibility, but it’s probably a no-go — despite anUltimateIMDB listing for “Son Goku.” The English voice actor for the character, Sean Schemmel, even chimed in on Twitter after the latest set of reveals and the discovery of the IMDB page (which also has him playing Lucario), noting “I have not recorded nor have Ibeen approached by anyone from Nintendo or otherwise to record for this game. I am equally perplexed.”

My guess is Bandai Namco, Funimation, or Schemmel wouldn’t turn the opportunity down!

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