Vote now for Destructoid's E3 2017 Community Choice Award!


The power is YOURS!

Whew – another year, another E3! It seems like moreso this year than any previous in recent memory, the developers, publishers, and whatever the hell you’d call The PC Gaming Show really hunkered down and focused not on flashy presentations and forced attempts at meme-appropriation, but instead on the games themselves. Whether or not you found that to make for a particularly memorable show, it was at least refreshing to see actual games in the spotlight again.

Now that we’ve had time to settle down and let the hype, reaction, over-reaction, denial, anger, sexual longing, and acceptance (The Seven Stages of E3 Grief, as it were) pass over us, let’s start arguing again! Tell us, dear Destructoid Community: Which game is your Dtoid Community Choice winner?!

Below you’ll find a poll very sloppily thrown together by yours truly. All ya have to do is choose which one stole both the show and your heart, and talk about it in the comments below! As I note, I tried to avoid anything that was just a logo (*dodges chair*) so please don’t hurt me or my family. If I forgot anything, I even added a field for you to yell your choice at me using your fingers! I thought of everything! Well, some things.

So, have at it, gang. What really spoke to you, and why? Your winner will be revealed after the consortium has deliberated.

What was your favorite game from E3 2017?