VR darling Beat Saber is leaving early access this week


1.0, baby

Beat Saber, one of the most popular VR games to date (a sentiment I’ve heard from devs and players alike), is finally exiting early access and will enter 1.0 status.

What does that mean? Well it gains a level editor (huge), new visual options, an overhauled scoring system that promises more precision, and “one saber” levels. To clarify the latter bit: basically you have two remotes that simulate two lightsabers to smack beat squares with during songs, and the one saber variant allows you to mix things up a bit. Right now the level editor is only live on PC, but the rest is coming to PSVR.

At this point I’ve playedBeat Saber extensively, partly because I couldn’t avoid it. No matter where I looked someone was telling me to give it a go, and it’s one of the flagship games on the Oculus Quest. While the early going was sweet enough for something you’re going to jump into for moments at a time, the level editor will kick ass in terms of longevity.

Beat Saber [Twitter]