Walmart is getting a big SNES Classic restock tomorrow


Wednesday through Friday

Anyone who missed out on the SNES Classic in September has a few opportunities to make good this week. Walmart is getting a big restock, and it’s something of a drawn out event.

As Walmart notes on the top of its site, it’s selling the SNES Classic edition in stores November 15-17. Thankfully, it’s more organized than merely showing up and hoping to nab one. They’ll be available at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific at your local store. Presumably, employees will know what’s going on (always a wildcard at Walmart though, honestly).

It’s not a Black Friday deal, as it’s selling for the regular $80 price tag. But, getting another chance at one of the year’s hottest items feels like its own kind of deal. Looks like Nintendo wasn’t kidding when it said this guy should be easier to get than the NES Classic.

Walmart [Walmart]