Wandersong studio's Chicory: A Colorful Tale headed to PS4 and PS5


But Are gAmES aRT?

Time to crack out the watercolors, as publisher Finji has announced that the charming painting adventure Chicory: A Colorful Tale is making the leap from PC to PS4 and PS5 later in 2021.

Designed by Greg Lobanov, the creative mind behind 2018’s musical puzzler Wandersong, Chicory: A Colorful Tale sees players guide a creatively minded Good Boy through a fairly plain, monochromatic world, while using their enchanted paintbrush to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and, most importantly, add a little color to the environment, pleasing the titular Chicory, current wielder of a powerful relic simply known as “The Brush.”

Described by the developer as being “like Zelda in a coloring book world,” Chicory: A Colorful Tale offers single-player or co-op play, a fully customizable world, a large cast of characters to befriend, personal problems to overcome, and a range of puzzles to solve using little more than the power of paint. While no specific date was announced, Finji did note that the PS5 edition will “take full advantage of the features that make the console unique.”