Wanna feel uncomfortable? Look at Rides With Strangers' Kickstarter


People are strange

When I hunt for news, most of what I find doesn’t make me bat an eye. Reflect Studios’ Rides With Strangersshowed me that I wasn’t as jaded as I thought.

Playing as Elora, a college graduate pursuing her dream job, your car breaks down in the middle of the night on the way to your interview. You have no choice but to hitchhike, and the first person to offer you a ride is a pastor with perverted grin plastered across his face. His voice sounds like it’s bubbling up from beneath the foam of dreams, and you know something is going to go wrong. In the demonstration video, you can see through Elora’s eyes as she elects to lower and raise the passenger window, or even decide to tuck and roll. Perhaps you have to wait until you’re sure the pastor is evil?

This would all be bizarre on its own, but the Kickstarter page (looking for all the world like it was run through Google Translate) aims to sow seeds of doubt in your heart, and make you suspicious of strangers in the real world. One of the backer rewards is a stranger danger whistle. What the hell is happening? If the stretch goals are reached, there will be twenty people to risk accepting rides from, including a dungeon master, a nympho, and a gentleman.

Oh, and if it raises $52,500, the game will be“Occults Rift Comptable.” I’m going to go take a shower.

Rides With Strangers [Kickstarter]