Want some hairy game devs on your wall? Here's a calendar


I made a game once, just sayin’

Well here’s a calendar that will make you weak at the knees. The Men of Game Development 2016 XTREME EDITION calendar is currently on Kickstarter and is asking for $3000 to get some well-known faces in game development to pull off their graphic t-shirt-and-flannel-combos and reveal all. The Kickstarter’s already at over $2000 with 20days remaining, so it looks like we’ll be getting this little bit of glory.Oh my.

Currently confirmed for the calendar are:Iron Galaxy’s Dave Lang, DrinkBox Studios’ (Guacamelee) Steph Goulet, Naughty Dog’s Boon Cotter, Riot Games’ Patrick Miller, Bioware Montreal’s Manveer Heir, Double Fine’s Brad Muir, and Hyper Light Drifter developer Heart Box’s Teddy Dief.

Now I’m bad at maths, but there’re only seven men there. That means there are currently five more developers who we’ve yet to see. Peter Molyneux? Notch? Tim Schafer? Who else will give us a bit of an eyeful I wonder.

What’s better is that this is the third Men of Game Development calendar we’ve seen, but this one is going to be the biggest yet, let’s call it “magnum sized.”

Someone Kickstart a Men of Destructoid Calendar, so Jed and I can seductively wash a car.

Disclosure: I haven’t backed this Kickstarter, and unfortunately I don’t plan to. I saw manflesh and was on it like a bloodhound to share it with the world.