Warcraft is now the most successful video game film of all time


Despite a massive US dropoff in week two

In its second week in the US, the Warcraft movie had a massive dropoff in ticket sales (a 72.7% drop), which is one of the largest of all time for a film hosted in over 3,000 screens, but that doesn’t matter –it just surpassed $377 million worldwide (mostly from China), and thus, Prince of Persia‘s record-setting $336 million. At this point, Warcraft is now the highest grossing video game film ever.If we use the standard “double the budget ($160m) to compensate for marketing” formula, it’s already profitable.

I’ve literally heard it all when it comes to this project. From hardcoreWarcraftfans who hate it to Blizzard haters who love it — so I’m excited to see this eventually.Also, Dominic Cooper (King Wrynn)has been steadily gaining a lot of cachet for me personally given his enjoyable performance in Agent Carter, and most recently, Preacher.

June 19 [Box Office Mojo]