Watch a documentary on how cool Mighty No. 9 could have been


End result doesn’t match up

After all this time, waiting, and drama, Mighty No. 9is out. And it’s…okay! But this official documentary below (promised along with the Kickstarter campaign), shows what really could have been. As the video plays I’m glancing over at the developer’s screens, seeing the awesome concept art, letting out an audible sigh.

Seeing how ugly Mightyis in the end is jarring, because Inti Creates released the great Azure Striker Gunvolt in 2014, and Comcept developed Soul Sacrifice, both of which look great aesthetically.However you slice it, Inti Creates is still riding high with an Azure sequel and the upcoming Bloodstained, so they’ll probably come out of this unscathed. If ReCore is bad, Comcept will definitely take a hit.