Watch a speedrun and you'll get Rayman Origins for free on PC


Ubisoft is hosting a Rayman 2 speedrun right before E3

Here’s a bit of a strange one. During E3 week, Ubisoft is giving out Rayman Origins, a gorgeous game that any and all platformer fans should check out. You won’t have to attend the gaming expo in-person to earn the free PC title, but you will need to watch half an hour of a live stream specifically, a Rayman 2 world-record speedrun attempt in honor of the game’s 20th anniversary later this year.

When is it? Monday, June 10 at 10:30am Pacific. What do you have to do? Link your Twitch and Uplay accounts and catch 30 minutes or more of the live stream to get Rayman Origins on PC as a Twitch Drop. Glackum is the speedrunner in question, but you can tune in on Ubisoft’s Twitch channel. The Rayman 2 record recently shifted to a player named Darnok_PL. The time to beat is now 1:15:22.

Basically, this stunt is a lead-in to Ubisoft’s own E3 conference at 1:00pm Pacific on June 10. You probably have bigger and better things going on, so maybe just run the stream in a minimized window.

Not gonna lie, I dearly miss UbiArt and wish more games used that engine.