Watch Dogs 2 is getting revealed this Wednesday


Watch, dawgs

Watch Dogs 2, a game that has very much been revealed already, is getting officially revealed this Wednesday. We know as much because Ubisoft uploaded this video with the description “Watch the#WatchDogs2World Premiere on June 8 at 6 pm CEST on” That sentence itself is a reveal. It’s right there in the hashtag.

But, this Wednesday’s event is the first time Ubisoft is doing A Big Thing for Watch Dogs 2, so that’s notable in that we’ll probably get some important details. This event takes place at noon Eastern, 9am Pacific. Of course, we’ll be here to cover the big stuff.

What do you want from Watch Dogs 2, though? That’s a question we asked last week and got a lot of responses to. Me? I just want Ubisoft to nix that dumb, meaningless underscore.