Watch Final Fantasy's Lightning and Snow awkwardly advertise for Nissan in China


She must not be forgotten

Toriyama’s gift to mankind, Final Fantasy XIII, is the worn out gift that keeps on giving. Not content with just having a trilogy of games, the protagonist Lightning has since resurfaced in order to be a fashion model. As if trying to find a way to top that, Square is now loaning her, as well as Snow, to Nissan in order to sell cars in China.

Although I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be watching a car commercial, or a commercial for an augmented reality headset meant for your car.

It’s such a strange choice when you think about it. While there is no denying that XIII was a international hit and success, it probably wouldn’t have been that big in China. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the original platforms for the trilogy, were banned at the time of release for all three games. Even then, PC gaming reigns king by a large margin, however SteamSpy reports that the highest selling game of the trilogy, the original game, has only sold just under 600,000 copies worldwide. So I’m not sure why they decided to go with Lightning and Snow unless there’s a factor I’ve forgotten, or the trilogy has actually moved units through Tencent’s WeGame distribution platform.

I guess I’m just surprised that the guys from Final Fantasy XV weren’t used instead. You know, the characters that spend most of their travel time in a car and would be most suitable for advertising a car.