Watch Persona's Teddie scrap it up in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle


Out in the spring

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle was in kind of a weird spot after its mid-2018 launch.

It didn’t get much buzz and was kind of stagnant for a while, but it’s really exploding in a big way in the past month or so. Not only was a new series of DLC announced, but it was also confirmed over Guilty Gear Xrd 2for EVO 2019 (for reference Cross Tag had 39,919 peak Twitch viewers at EVO 2018 compared to Guilty Gear‘s 108,916). It might be fleeting, but CrossTagis on the up and up for the time being.

Part of said DLC festivities is Teddie, the irreverent companion from Persona 4 and fighter in Arc System Works’ own Persona 4 Arena. You can get a good look at his moveset in the below video: he arrives in the spring along withHeart Aino, Seth and Naoto Kurogane.