Watch Solid Snake fight King K. Rool in new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate footage


Also check out Chrom, Dark Samus, and Ridley

Although Nintendo doesn’t have an official Gamescom conference or a massive presence at the show, they are taking advantage of the news cycle this week, showcasing a bunch of indies in a recent showcase and naturally, more drip-fed Smashfootage.

The main event is easily King K. Rool versus Solid Snake, the matchup that no one could have predicted. As a result of the “Ultimate” moniker Solid Snake is returning after a one-game hiatus, and King K. Rool, as many of you know, was just recently revealed and somehow stole the thunder from a dual Simon Belmont/Richter announcement.

Nintendo is also giving us a look at Chrom and Dark Samus, which were shown off during the same blowout Direct, as well as more footage of Ridley. Each bout is only a couple of minutes long. We have roughly four months to go untilSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate arrives, and at this point I think most of us could accept the game as-is.