Watch some of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds myths get busted


Can you pull off a double backflip?

Even though it’s still in early access, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has become one of the year’s most popular titles. The online battle royal game dumps 100 players on an island full of motorcycles, guns, and fingerless gloves before forcing them to fight until one person is left standing. It’s one of the rare games that’s as tense to watch as it is to play, which has led to PUBG‘s near-instant runaway success.

The combination of a huge player baseand the affable jank of an early access title means that there are plenty of variables left to uncover. Rumors and hot tips are passed around internet communities, as players share the strategies that might help someone else earn an ever-elusive Chicken Dinner. There’s no surefire way to success, but that doesn’t stop YouTuber DefendTheHouse from tackling some of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’s most persistent myths.

In DefendTheHouse’s first PUBG video, he attempts to assess the validity of some of the online shooter’s most popular myths. There’s plenty of content packed in the short video, including definitive answers to questions such as:

  • Can you get crushed by a care package?
  • Is it possible to punch a player out of a moving car?
  • Can you shoot a grenade out of someone else’s hand?

It’s cool to see someone tackle these (and a few more) in-game rumors, especially in a Mythbusters-like video. But just like in real life, not all myths are created equal. At the end of DefendTheHouse’s video, he tackled a Very Important question –is it possible to do a double backflip on a motorcycle?

Trust me; you’re going to want to see how this one plays out for yourself.