Watch ten minutes of Secret of Mana remake footage here


Sword and headband present and correct

Ten minutes of footage, taken from Square Enix’s upcoming remake of SNES classic Secret of Mana, has surfaced out of this weekend’s PAX West show.

The video shows the opening of the game, featuring the famous tumble down a waterfall, followed by some exploration, combat and dialogue, it gives a good impression as to how the basic mechanics of the game will “flow” in the anticipated release.

One of the videos commentators mentions that they were three-years-old when the game was originally released, and I die a little inside, before moving to the bathroom to pluck a few more grey hairs out of my sideburns.

Secret of Mana launches digitally on PS4, PS Vita and PC February 15th 2018. Japan will also get a physical release for the title.

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