Watch the first 12 minutes of Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive


Lena Headey is a good narrator

TheFinal Fantasy XV delay is mostly okay (I’d rather them deliver a massive day-one patch on the disc than take the approach Hello Games did with No Man’s Sky), but it…complicates things when it comes to the Kingsglaivemovie.

You see, Kingsglaivewas supposed to arrive with the special edition of the game, but now those folks will have to wait until November to see it — lest they spring for an earlier copy of course, because the film is still coming to home video on October 4 (earlier digitally).

Since you might have to make the decision to buy it before the release of the game, you can watch the first 12 minutes below, compliments of IGN. It starts off a little strong then gets a lil’ cheesy, but you can judge for yourself.