You can watch the Fortnite Ariana Grande concert recap here


In case you wanted to see magical girl Grande walk on Escher stairs

Just recently, Fortnite added a “Party UFO” into the mix, ominously awaiting the arrival of the “Rift Tour.” Well that day (days, over the weekend) came, and so did the Fortnite Ariana Grande concert.

In recent¬†Fortnite concert fashion, players were sucked into a new realm and greeted by a giant version of Ariana Grande in full gem-laded magical girl gear (which is also an in-game skin) after a short acid trip flight. There’s actually a pre-show during this period, including songs from Marshmello, Sia, and Wolfmother. Then it’s onto the main event, which includes hopping around a giant trippy neon garden, flighting a demon thing in a plane with arcadey damage numbers, walking in an area that looks like it’s straight out of the Four Kings boss fight, flying around bubbles with Ariana Grande, and hanging out in the aforementioned Escher kingdom area.

Now, I’m sure some of you totally care about

A) An Ariana Grande Concert


B) Fortnite

But as Eric pointed out when it was announced, these playable Fortnite concerts are generally spectacles, and I’ve enjoyed attending them in the past. The Fortnite Ariana Grande concert is no exception, as it’s pretty out-there, and free, after all. It’s a chill, safe, and semi-social way to spend an afternoon, which is what some of us need right now.

As a reminder, the chance to make it live has already passed. The last three concerns were held on August 8 at 12AM ET, 10AM ET, and 6PM ET.