Watch the new Animal Crossing-flavored Nintendo Direct right here


Save up your bells

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is almost here, with just under a month to go until those pre-loads unlock. Literally! As in, roughly under a month and mere hours, New Horizons will launch and we’ll all be able to collectively live in another world for months and years to come.

But before that happens, Nintendo has some news to give us. What could they possibly tell us all that they haven’t already? Well, we’ll find out in this 25-minute (!) Direct that’s airing in just half an hour. The only info shared so far is that it will provide an “in-depth look at Nook Inc.’s Deserted Island Getaway Package,” which is pretty much the premise of the game.

Although a lot of it is likely going to be fluff and inside Animal Crossingbaseball info for the fans, I’m expecting some sort of acknowledgment of the wild “no save transfer” situation that’s still being decided.

Right now Nintendo hasn’t communicated that whole fiasco on a global scale: just the Japanese portion of their site. Some clarification would be appreciated. For the moment, be prepared to be overloaded with cuteness as we all watch the festivities together.