Watch the Splatoon 2 and Arms Nintendo Direct right here


I don’t expect a whole lot

I miss morning Nintendo Directs. I mean, I guess evening broadcasts make sense for the west coast, but even on the east coast a lot of people are still at work at 6PM ET, and some in Europe are going to bed. Scratch that, a lot of west coast folks are probably at work too. Nintendo, bring back morning Directs!

In the meantime you have to deal with Splatoon 2and Armstonight, with the added tease of “some” 3DS content. Feel free to watch it below and share your thoughts! Having played both I’m definitely more excited for the former, as I don’t have a lot of people locally to play with for the latter — plus, although I had fun with it at a local preview event, Armswasn’t exciting enough to make me want to rush out and buy it on the spot.