Watch Troy Baker show off his voice acting skills


We finally see Baker and North together!

A few weeks ago, Eurogamer saw Official Voice of Everybody Ever™ Nolan North perform the voices of a few of his many, many characters. Now, we get the Official Voice of Everybody Nolan North Doesn’t Voice™ Troy Baker doing the same thing in a video from Paris Games Week for PlayStation Access.

Troy flawlessly pulls off his best-known characters on the spot, from FarCry 4’s Pagan Min to The Last of Us’ Joel, to even Arkham Knight’s well uh… Arkham Knight. Most importantly, he manages to do an absolutely perfect impression of none other than Nolan North.

That may sound cute and funny to you, but for all we know this could be the start of the end. A bitter war between voice actors to see who can better pretend to be the other. Armies will rise for Team North or Team Baker, the seas shall boil and the blood of innocent men shall run in the streets until at last we know who truly the Official Voice of Everything™ is. And then? Silence.

(My vote is for Team Baker, just because I like Delsin from Infamous: Second Son.)

Consider there to be spoilers for basically any game Troy Baker is in, especially Arkham Knight and The Last of Us. You have been warned.