Watching someone perform a Chrono Cross song in Final Fantasy XIV is wild


Bards rule in and out of combat

Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy XIV are both dope games. So when this fan clash came across my desk I sat in silence and watched it five times over.

A bit of background: Final Fantasy XIVmade it possible to play music a few months ago if you happen to play the Bard job. Although you can play pretty much anything you want Square Enix has made it clear that they don’t want you ripping off and monetizing music from other properties: and the studio has even hinted that they could remove the feature if people abuse it.

Well, music from Square Enix itself is probably fair game, and that includes this version of Chrono Cross‘ “Dream of the Shore Near Another World.” It’s lovely, and I’m glad that I can log into XIV whenever I feel like it, or pop a physical copy of Crossinto my working PlayStation.