WayForward's Spidersaurs is a dose of Saturday morning mayhem


Apple Arcade action returns on PC and consoles

The fun-loving folk at WayForward Games have announced that cartoonish run ‘n’ gun title Spidersaurs is getting set to come blasting onto PC and console platforms this spring. The animated action-adventure first launched on Apple Arcade way back in the fall of 2019.

There has been a breakout at the clandestine INGESTCorp facility, which has resulted in an army of *checks notes* half-spider, half-dinosaur hybrids, originally developed as *checks notes further* a new food source for humanity going on a devastating rampage. As the eight-legged reptiles, understandably pissed, tearing plant and man asunder, it’s up to our gun-toting heroes Victoria and Adrian to clean up the mess, save the world, and see the dinos hit extinction for the second time in a lifetime.

Spidersaurs combines the frenetic, side-scrolling shooter action of a Metal Slug or a Contra with the colorful visuals, wisecracking characters, and goofy narrative of a classic Saturday morning TV show. As Victoria and Adrian, one or two players blast their way through a series of varied stages, taking on all manner of bizarre and terrifying crimes against God. Armed with an array of unique weaponry, while also utilizing individual character skills, Our heroes venture through volcanoes, jungles, and laboratories in non-stop blood-pumping, bullet-flinging action.

This new edition of Spidersaurs contains new elements not seen in the initial Apple Arcade release. The PC and console port features a new end-of-game boss, a revamped ending, new difficulty settings, a speedrun mode, and a complete rebalance of weapons and enemies — all of which will hopefully see the title receive a better welcome than in its initial outing. Speaking of which, never fear, AA players, as the new features will be added to the Apple edition via an incoming update.

Spidersaurs will launch this spring on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.