We had a blast goofing off in Sea of Thieves


An hour of footage from the closed beta

The number-one thing to know about Sea of Thieves? You can load yourself into a cannon and have your buddy fire you over islands and, presumably, onto other player-controlled ships if you’re aimed well.

The number-two thing to know? You can get wasted, stumble around, and vomit on your friends. Doing so obscures their vision. Better yet, you can throw up into a bucket, save it for later, and toss the weaponized barf when the situation calls for it. In short, Sea of Thieves is a game about hijinks.

Brett, Ray, and I took a break from our usual PUBG shenanigans to form a crew in the Sea of Thieves beta. They’re much better at solving riddles than me and I’m thankful to have them in my (pirate) life.

I’m a bit worried about burnout with this game, but it’s sure going to be a joy while it lasts.