We have 500 closed beta keys for Fractured Lands to give to you


Please take one

[All out of keys, folks! I hope everyone who got one enjoys it!]

Sometimes the title says it all — I do indeed have 500 closed beta keys for Fractured Landson Steam, and I want you to take one.

Nay — I need you to take one. I have 500 of them, you see, and would like to have 0 of them.

Unbroken Studios is hopping in on the sweet battle royale action with their first full title, Fractured Lands. This game looks to put a twist on the formula by actually being interesting to look at, which already puts it above literally every other title in the genre. I mean, c’mon, the Mad Max vibe is fuckin’ rad, right? Also, vehicular combat looks to be emphasized here, which is something I’m down for. Gotta love squishing other players by ramping off a dune and landing on them in your tricked-out jalopy!

The game is running a closed beta from June 22-24, and June 29-July 1, and one of my 500 codes will get you in for both sessions so you can check the game out for yourself.

“Oh Wes the great and powerful, how do I help reduce your 500 codes down to 0 codes?” It’s easy — all you have to do is ask for a code. And then I’ll give you one. Leave a comment down below and I’ll shoot you a code via PM to your Dtoid account (please make sure your account has your current email, and also check your spam because our PM emails like to go there). Or you can email me ([email protected]) and cut out the middle man. Or you can message me on Twitter and I’ll PM it to you there. Or give me your address and I’ll come to your house and just redeem it on Steam for you.

Just help me get from 500 keys to 0 keys in whatever manner you think is best.