We should try Battlerite for free this weekend


It’s supposed to be excellent

A bunch of people have had kind things to say about Battlerite, the team-based arena brawler from Stunlock Studios. And would you look at that! It has a free weekend event on Steam right now.

The idea was to strip down the MOBA experience, whittling away concepts like lanes and creeps to focus instead on harrowing, fast-paced team fights, and that concept has resonated with players. Battlerite has done very well for itself on Steam despite being in Early Access, with 400,000+ copies sold and 95% positive user reviews. I’m not so sure a weekend is long enough to get a true sense of the ins and outs of a meta-heavy game like this, but it’ll certainly give you an impression.

Besides the free-play weekend promo, which is live now, there is also a discount available on the full it’s-yours-for-good version. It’s marked down to $14.99 (that’s 25% off) until Monday, December 5. Worth noting: the final Battlerite will be free-to-play, once Early Access is over, but if you pay now you’re getting “all champions and all future champions as well as a unique founder avatar and title.”

Similar to how Blizzard hooked me on Heroes of the Storm by streamlining some of the tried-and-true aspects of MOBAs that I didn’t really care for, I think this could click with me even more.