Wear Destructoid shirts without pants at a science museum


Also shirts

Somebody just asked us if we had Destructoid shirts. Why yes, we do!

There’s hoodies and some other nonsense on sale at Ye Olde Destructoid Shoppe. 100% of profits go towards the artists and overpriced airline beer, as we all get ready to fly to Los Angeles next week for the E3 Expo. Your patronage is appreciated, thanks in advance! The shop is managed by Spreadshirt, we apologize in advance if shipping is wiggity whack (it’s unfortunately beyond out control).

Have a cool idea for a Destructoid shirt? Just design it and throw it on Spreadshirt and we’ll help you promote it. Make some money on us, why the hell not? We’re not corporate and dickless. Enjoy life, chew foil with your family.

Grab em here, thanks for shopping!