Adorable spider sim Webbed swings onto consoles February


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Indie outfit Sbug Games has announced that happy news that one of 2021’s most unique and cheerful adventure games, Webbed, is finally ready to spin silk on consoles PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. These ports will all launch on February 2, with pre-orders on Xbox and Switch now live.

In case you missed it the first time around, Webbed is a tricky but compelling physics-based adventure. It tells the tale of an adorable jumping spider who embarks upon a dangerous quest to rescue her mate, whisked away by the frightening bowerbird. The player guides our hero as she picks her way through the undergrowth, utilizing her acrobatic abilities and mastery of silken strands to traverse and manipulate the environment. You can check out the action in this launch trailer for the PC edition.

As Podtoid listeners may remember, I have often spoken of wanting a platform adventure that harnesses the power and fascinating abilities of arachnids. Webbed really fits the bill. You can play it as a unique and entertaining weekend filler, or you can fully delve into its web-building mechanics to optimize incredible speedruns. In fact, this past weekend, runner ShadowthePast broke the world record for a Webbed run, smashing the game in a dizzying 17:09 time at AGDQ 2022. You can check out that run right here.

Webbed is a real delight, and an experience that went a little under the radar last year. Hopefully, these incoming console ports will introduce Webbed’s cute and cheerful world to entirely new audiences.

It's finally happening!!!Webbed console release date:?️?️02.02.2022?️?️

— ?️Sbug Games?️ (@sbuggames) January 19, 2022