Weekend Deals: $10 Skyrim Legendary, 25% Off GTA V PC


Open world time

Whether its fighting random dragons or avoiding helicopter spawns, there’s lots of solid deals this weekend for PC gamers.

If you know for sure you’re going to buy Grand Theft Auto V on PC on release day next month, you can snag 25% off this weekend via our special codehere. For $45, you’ll get to enjoy RockStar’s DRM and play a 1.5 year old game. Seriously, best deal of the century.

The same digital retailer is running a sale on a ton of Bethesda titles including the Elder Scroll V: Skryim Legendary Edition for only $10. The deal is so good that the title is currently “out of stock” – but GMG is guaranteeing that every purchase thru the weekend will receive a copy by March 31st.

In the console department, things are a bit more light but there’s a pretty good deal on a Mario Party 10 + amiibo combo for $52 at Newegg – though uh, the title hasn’t exactly won raving reviews.

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