Weekend deals: last chance GameStop preowned sale, 30% off Evil Within 2


Handful of AAA deals

It’s mid-October and the video game deals are getting a handful as releases large and small flood the market. This month alone we were graced with AAA’s such as Middle-earth: Shadow of War and yesterday’s The Evil Within 2 to smaller indie titles such as Heliborne, Cuphead, and Battle Chasers: Nightwar.

For a limited time, PC gamers can pick up Friday’s release of The Evil Within 2 for 22% off at WinGameStore for $47– a decent price cut considering everywhere else has the game for “only” 15% to 19% off. While reviews are decent, this may indicate that sales aren’t that impressive and select retailers are opting to discount now vs. later to reduce the inventory of digital keys they’re carrying (because of all those space they take up heh).

Last month’s Destiny 2 is now also only $35.99 at Newegg for the PS4 and Xbox One copy – which might make it hard for PC gamers to swallow paying $48 for the PC version which is releasing later this month on October 24 (at least the game looks wicked good on the PC). For the past few months, the trend we’re seeing now from retailers are lower pre-order discount incentives followed by heavy price cut post-release if sales number are timid. NBA Live 18 is another case of this trend as the game is now already 50% off.

Sales event this weekend includes GameStop’s decent used game sale, where you can pick up 4 used games in buckets of $10, $20, or $40 depending on the price tier. You can check our previous post about it here or simply check out the saleas the promotion is ending tomorrow night. In hardware land, PS4 Pro 1TB with Destiny 2 is now $400 flat, while the Oculus Rift VR Headset + Touch controller is moving to permanent $399 pricing and this includes two sensors. You’ll find that offer reflected at Newegg and the official Oculus store. We imagine other major retailers will soon follow-suit.

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