Weekend deals: Nintendo Switch available again, plus best Oculus Rift VR bundle yet


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Got a about four hundred and change this weekend and want to burn it in a quick flash? There’s two gaming path to take this weekend with PC gamers being tempted by a sweet Oculus Rift VR bundle at Best Buy, and GameStop once again stocking in Nintendo Switch and bundling them with various games and accessories.

At Best Buy, you can now pick up an Oculus Rift VR bundled with the wireless touch controller, a free copy of Eve: Valkyrie along with the 7 free games package that comes with all Rift. Priced at only $399, this is one of the best Rift bundle yet.

While half the United States seems to be able to find Nintendo Switch consoles just fine at local retailers, the other half still has shelves empty. They’re all sold out online for the $299.99 base price, but GameStop is willing to ship you one if you buy one of their $420+Nintendo Switch Bundles.

These Nintendo Switch bundles come with games and accessories, like the Switch Joy-Con Zelda Fan Bundle which includes the Switch,The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass,Has-Been Heroes, and Zelda Play and Protect Skins. The bundle is not granting you any discounts over purchasing everything separately, but it’s also not over charging you, so you’d at least avoid overpaying for a Switch on eBay from resellers. The four available Switch Bundles are listed below and will probably sell out within the next few days based on past experiences.

A new PC Gaming Summer Sale emerged this week at Bundle Stars. There you’ll find about 1,500 titles up to 90% with a stacking 10% off coupon code for additional savings. Civilization VI drops to only 32.39 after coupon, which is cheaper than the $36 it was during the Steam Summer Sale of late June. If you’re feeling some classic console titles, the $13 SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics and $3 Atari Vault get you ~100 titles each for their historic low price points. A full breakdown of the sale here or we’ve listed some of the best deals below. Just be sure to add coupon code SUMMER10 to checkout.

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