Weekend Deals: Skylake gaming laptops plus $44 Fallout 4 (PC)


Still on a 1st gen here…

This week Dell and HP both refreshed the majority of their laptop lineups with the latest Intel 6th gen Skylake chips. Good timing for PC gamers who choose to do the deed on a laptop.

At HP, upgraded configurations of the Envy 15t and Envy 14t are paired with a GTX 950M and has a sweet 30% off coupon – bringing both machines to only $840. Conversely, slightly more “premium” Alienware laptops actually has a decent deal in the form of the $949 Alienware 13 deal.

Finally, the top hot gaming deal this weekend would be Fallout 4 on the PC for only $40.86 from Funstock Digital. (Update: Now $44 as the $40 deal is dead. This still beats out the $46.20 deal from GMG). We honestly don’t think it’ll get any cheaper between now and release next month, but if you prefer to wait and see – the worst case is you’ll be paying $5-6 more.

6th Gen Skylake Laptop Deals

Note: all laptops above should run Fallout 4 in respectable settings without any problem.

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