Weekend Deals: XCOM 2, GOG mystery box, Origin sale continues


Pay $3 & spin the game backlog roulette

If you enjoy paying money for a random shot at getting a game you don’t already own, this weekend’s deal at GOG is for you. The DRM-free retailer is running an “Indie Piñata” Sales event where you can pay $3 to wack at a virtual piñata, receiving a random game value between $10 to $45 (list price). Those with a large game library should uh, avoid this dice roll.

On the upcoming release deal side, next week Skyshine’s Bedlam will hit the virtual shelf. The game is worth checking out if these keywords resonate with you: Banner Saga;rogue-like; FTL; Fallout; strategy; and RPG.

Following Bedlam in a few days is also Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Vwhich is now making its way onto the PC. Steam Store has a typical 10% off pre-order deal – though if you’re not in a hurry we’ll wait to see what other digital retailers will have in terms of pricing.

Finally, XCOM 2 is now available for pre-order on the PC. The game doesn’t even freaking release till next year February – though its actually #2 on GMG’s sales chart as of writing. Of course, its probably being helped a wee bit via GMG’s 23% off deal on XCOM 2.

Oh yeah. There’s an Origin sale going on. Its kinda cool. Link’s below. Whatever.

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