We'll find out what happened to Tidus between Final Fantasy X and X-2


‘Dream within a Dream’

Square Enix is known for weird publicity stunts and Final Fantasy story-bending, and this is no exception. According to the publisher, by way of a tie-in event for Mobius Final Fantasy, they’re gong to explain what happened to Tidus between the events of Final Fantasy X and X-2.

This little clip gives you a quick look at the crossover, and expands upon the Yuna-centric Eternal Calm to give us more of Tidus. Much of the same development team from X is participating, and the event itself will run starting this week in Japan.

Eventually the west will probably get this Dream within a Dream update too, and if you’re at all curious about what’s up with Tidus, odds are you’ll be able to catch a YouTube video or read a fan recap at some point. As a reminder,Mobius Final Fantasy was a 2015 mobile-only game that eventually made the trip to PC in 2017.