Well, look at that: A soccer player with a Poke Ball shaved into his head


Pretty Great (Ball)

I don’t get to talk about sports enough around here. I suppose that’s to be expected when you write for a video game site. But, I like discussing sports and am left without a place to do it. So, I’ll look for any excuse and make any logical stretch.

Hey, look at this soccer player with aPoké Ball shaved into his head!

That player is French star Paul Pogba who plays for Juventus in the Italian Serie A. (If the team name sounds familiar, it’s maybe because that’s the club I used to beat Steven up and down the pitch at Tokyo Game Show last year.)

Did you see thePoké Ball shaved into his head? Poké Balls are devices from the popular video game franchisePokémon!

Serie A is shaking out mostly as expected, with heavy hitters like Napoli, Juventus, Internazionale, and AC Milan all toward the top of the table. It’s nothing like the English Premier League where unlikely Leicester City is running away from the competition and reigning champion Chelsea is in a season-long free fall.

Pokémon! In his head!

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