We'll probably be hearing about Square Enix's 'Project Prelude Rune' sooner than later



Earlier this year we got wind of a game called Project Prelude Rune from Hideo Baba, a JRPG legend that has worked on the Tales series as a producer for over a decade.Pretty much all we knew is that a developer called Studio Istolia was working on it and that it was a “new fantasy, unfolding across a vast land teeming with life.” Now it seems like the project is moving forward beyond concept art and a synopsis.

Recently the official website for Rune got a massive overhaul, and they’re hiring for positions from design, to programmers, to battle planners. We also have a new logo for the game which you can view in the gallery below.

Exciting! This could very well be the next Octopath Travelerthat we’ll be hearing about constantly in 2019.

Project Prelude Rune [Studio Istolia] Thanks Kevin!