We'll soon be able to make tiny levels in Hotline Miami 2


The level editor is almost ready

One of the common complaints for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is its large levels. Were they too large? I didn’t mind them. Sure, it felt bad to die from the last guy on the floor after pulling off a miraculous string of executions, but that struggle defines these games.

Getting into the zone, finally coming out on top, strolling past the carnage as the pumping music calms and your heart rate returns to normal — that’s the Hotline Miami experience.

Anyway. If you aren’t into the sprawling levels — or you’d just prefer them to be more compartmentalized — know that the level editor is “pretty close to completion.” Jonatan Söderström of Dennaton Games has posted an annotated look at the editor and spoken about its limitations, of which there are quite a few depending on how ambitious you want to get with your designs.

It’s unlikely we’ll see the editor on PlayStation, but Dennaton is “looking into releasing packs of levels from the community on the console versions.” That’ll be sufficient for some players, I’m sure.

Hotline Miami 2 Level Editor [Dennaton]