Well, there might be three new Monster Hunter amiibo on the way


From Monster Hunter Stories 2

Great Scott! With three new amiibo confirmed that brings the grand total of 2021’s known figures to…11. That’s…kind of huge these days, given that we only got four real amiibo last year, and they were all from the Smash line.

Where are these new figures found? Nintendo Wire uncovered a trio of PlayAsia listings, which have placeholders set for “Heroine, Rathalos, and Felyne.” No further details have been revealed yet, like any pricing info, launch dates, or even functionality. For now we just know they exist.

If you recall, Monster Hunter Storieshad a grand total of six amiibo produced for it, so getting three more for a sequel isn’t a stretch. Also, Capcom arguably supports the amiibo line more than Nintendo these days, so it seems like whatever deal is involved here is equitable for them.

Keep pumping out the plastic!

Monster Hunter [PlayAsia via Nintendo Wire]