Welp, I can't look at the new Pokemon the same way


Garfield and friends

I have almost always gone for water-type starter Pokémon, but when it comes to this year’s Sun and Moon, I just can’t. The scared vow must be broken. The seal-like Popplio is too dopey.

Granted, there’s still hope pending the trio’s evolved forms. He may be able to win me over yet if, in the end, he comes out looking like a champ and I can power through those first 30 or so levels. That said, jeez, this Garfield reimagining does Popplio no favors whatsoever. I can’t unsee his inner Odie!

And because someone else couldn’t resist tampering with our beloved owl, there’s also this quick-but-effective rework of Rowlet in the style of Jon Arbuckle, as spotted on NeoGAF:

Loving the new Pokemon [Jieb Draws]