We're back from E3, so get to asking us questions


Get to gettin’

What a whirlwind two weeks it has been. First, we all descended upon Los Angeles to bring you the industry’s best video game coverage (Editor’s note: May not actually be the industry’s best video game coverage) and then we had some pretty important personal news to share.

Our heads are still spinnin’ but we’re gonna record a podcast anyway. Steven, Darren, and myself are getting together for this week’s Podtoid and it should be a good one. Steven and I will have all sorts of debaucherous E3 stories to tell; Darren will probably regale us with riveting news about how he switched laundry day from Tuesday to Wednesday or some such shit.

Anyway, as always, we need your help to make this happen. Leave us questions in the comments about whatever’s on your dirty little mind. Lots going on, it’s raining in the forest. Make it rain in the comments so us old chunks of coal can engage in polite and meaningful discourse.