We're getting a Forza announcement at E3


Why are we already talkin’ about E3?

Despite the three months between now and E3, Microsoft wants to talk about E3. More specifically, it wants to tease E3. Via press release, Microsoft says that it will reveal a new Forzatitle at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June.

Even though we don’t have a game yet, we have a cover car. The Lamborghini Centenario will adorn the mystery Forza‘s box art; it’s the very shiny and expensive-looking vehicle at the bottom of this post. Altimas don’t sell video games.

Unless Microsoft is taking the series in a new direction, the smart money would probably be on Forza Horizon 3. It seems like it’s trying to establish a pattern of yearly trade-offs between Horizonand Motorsport. Also, and this is maybe reading too far into it, Horizon 2was the only Forzatitle to feature a Lamborghini on the cover until now. We’ll have to wait until June to see if this theory holds water.

[Update:Switched out the car photos because the original was a different very shiny and expensive-looking Lamborghini. Good catch, Mr. Argentina]