We're getting a new Metal Slug in 2020 and my fingers are crossed


It’s unclear if the series’ gorgeous pixel art will return

It’s easy to be skeptical of a new entry in the Metal Slug series, and I am, but I’m also clinging onto hope.

There’s a mobile title in production at Tencent, but we’re not talking about that – we’re here for the upcoming console-bound Metal Slug. Details about the project are still sparse following a report last year, and we haven’t seen the art style (pixels, please!), but SNK is now targeting a 2020 release.

To be clear, this console game is a traditional side-scrolling shooter. It at least has that going for it.

The run-and-gun genre is in capable hands in the indie gaming scene, but at the same time, I’d love for Metal Slug to have a modern-day resurgence. I light up whenever I see one of the arcade cabinets.

If they’re able to recapture the intricate pixel art and animation, are you down for this game?

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