We're giving out 100 keys for Will to Live on Steam


Fight to survive…for free!

[Today Destructoid is brought to you by Will to Live, the new MMORPG-shooter where only the strong survive. Here’s another great giveaway from the developer!]

When the apocalypse hits, sending the world into chaos and creating factions of brutal survivors and raving mutants fighting for survival in a harsh environment, will you have the will to live?

Will to Live is the frenetic survival MMORPG shooter you’ve been waiting for. Either alone or with a clan, take on a lawless world as you fight for the right to live against a harsh environment and extreme odds.

Will to Live features sprawling MMO gameplay where the world is against you at every turn. Master four player classes, upgradeable weapons and skills, and a complex crafting system as you outlast your enemies to show you have what it takes to survive.

Developer AlphaSoft is celebrating the success of Will to Live by giving us 100 Steam keys to give out to the Destructoid readers! Comment below with your best plan for survival when the world goes toes-up to claim your copy. Or if you prefer, email our contest guy at [email protected] and let him know you want a free game!

Just make sure you have a Destructoid account with your current email on file so we can get a hold of you.

Will to Live is available now on Steam.