We're taking your Podtoid questions live today!


Another taste of what HUGE members will be getting

Do you love the Podtoid? Of course you do, because you’re a lovely person. On today’s very special Podtoid, we’re going to stream out the questions segment of the show live for your viewing pleasure right here. Hop into our chat room, fire your questions off and interact live with me, Jim Sterling, and Boston’s favorite son, Jonathan Holmes.

This is a test run for us and, because we record this in our underwear or less (as it should be), we won’t be having any sort of live camera feed going. What we will have is a selection of fine images from around the internet, curated by Holmes, which may or may not correspond to anything being discussed.

The whole mad experiment goes live sometime in the vicinity of 4 pm Pacific, so stay glued to this page!